“Fairway Landscape knows what the word “SERVICE”means. Our landscaping looks great and always has.”
— John Sellerico

“The landscaping and grounds look fresh and manicured.”
— Manager,Garden City NY

“Our bank branch is always ready to go and since they return without calling, I never worry about snow.”
— Raquel Williams

“The estimator, was extremely personable, prompt, polite and professional. I was impressed with what he had to say and the services Fairway Landscape offered. We signed right there and have been happy ever since.”
— Connie Costantin, East Meadow

“Our store location has been cleared quickly and efficiently whether it is night time or day time.-Fairway Landscape know how to execute their provided services!”
—Sue Michaels

“Our tire store has always been cleared and they return without calls.”
—Rudy Lerner, Westbury

“Professional and Reliable, what more can you ask. This company knows how to service. Our landscape looks great and we just improved the value of my house.”
— J Riverton

“Snow plowing thats consistent, reliable and cost effective.”
— A semi national branded tire company

“Snow plowing companies are NOT all the same”

“They delivered above our desired expectations.”
— Surgery Center Westbury, NY

“I manage a bank that they service and our lot is always cleared. Using Fairway Landscape for our Snow and Ice removal enables us to have our parking areas and walks cleared with reliability.”
— Long Island Bank Mgr.

Fairway Landscape Snow Management, "Clearing The Snow Is What We Know"

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